Two Commercial grade Back-lit outdoor freestanding signs

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 Herb’s Travel Plaza / Vankleek Hill Cross-Promotional Campaign

Spring and Summer!
The Vankleek Hill/Herb’s Tavel Plaza – Cross Promotion Campaign was designed to promote the region’s most progressive businesses to the thousands of people traveling through the region during the busy spring and summer seasons.This unique advertising campaign was designed to promote Vankleek Hill and select Vankleek Hill businesses to the large numbers of travelers flowing through Herb’s Travel Plaza on a daily basis – while simultaneously promoting Herb’s unique 24/7 offerings to Vankleek Hill’s “uptown” clientele.
The Signs
The two signs were a critical part of this distinct advertising cross-promotional campaign:
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  • Two Seven-foot Signs – which represent almost 30 square feet of outdoor, back-lit advertising space.
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– Each sponsor gets two square feet of space on the 7-foot, outdoor, back-lit sign positioned at the entrance to Herb’s C-Store and gas payment counter – one of the busiest spots at Herb’s Travel Plaza.

– The sponsoring merchants each host a sign promoting Herb`s Travel Plaza at their locations for at least a week. The signs should be positioned on Main Street for maximum exposure during Vankleek Hill’s popular street events like the “May Show,” “Trash and Treasure” and the “Festival of Flavours.”

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THREE — Print
Participating businesses are invited to provide any print material they may have of their business in the form of business cards. flyers and single sheet specials that they would like to promote at Herb’s Travel Plaza. This material will be displayed at the very busy entrance to Herb’s Restaurant. The campaign promoters will update/replensh this print material at Herb’s on a weekly basis, as the material is received from each business.

Whether for a specific long weekend or an entire week. we have successfully placed coloured placemats on every table at Herb’s Travel Plaza Restaurant as a kind of intensive Mini-Campaign to meet a business’ special promotional needs.
If this option interests you please speak to us about our rates for this service
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“Over the Bridge and Up the Hill . . .”
As you may recall, the Vankleek Hill Business & Merchant Assoc. helped initiate the first Herb’s Travel Plaza / Vankleek Hill Cross-Promotional Campaign to see if we could entice even a tiny percentage of the huge numbers of people flowing through the  Hwys 34 and 417 intersection on a daily basis to come over the bridge and up the hill to Vankleek Hill. This ensured that the town’s events were given a central focus in that first campaign and helped to prove the validity of this unique approach.
The fee for each business’ participation also covers the promotion of upcoming events in Vankleek Hill to draw people up Highway 34 to ensure that each advertiser and the entire town gets maximum value.

Two Six-Week Campaigns
The length of the next two campaign- the Spring campaign and the Summer campaign – is six weeks. The buy-in for each campaign is $300.
The Spring Campaign starts May 1st and will take us up to the end of June, We are also taking reservations for the Summer Campaign which will cover July and August.

Buy in to Both!
And since this will be a very busy time to promote your business down at Herb’s we all know these spaces will be at a premium, so priority will be given to businesses who wish to book both campaigns together.

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Don’t Be Left Out . . .

Lots of eyes and ears saw and heard the elements of the first two campaigns – both down at Herb’s and uptown in Vankleek Hill. Both venues were heavily populated by visitors for the IPM, the Festival of Flavours, OktoberrFest and the Victorian Christmas Home Tour.This translated into lots of eyeballs looking at your ads on the signs as well as all the promotion of our town`s special events.So please don`t hesitate to give me a call if you would like more information about these exciting advertising campaigns and I will be glad to answer all of your questions. Here’s looking forward to promoting Vankleek Hill to even more visitors this summer!