Your VankleekFM hosts and co-hosts – back row: (from left to right) Lois and That Darn Robbo (Sightlines) – Eddy Earwigg (Revision Radio)  – Sean Cooley (Vankleek Cooley) – Louise Sproule (Live@6) – The Skiis (Revision Radio) front row: Rod Gilbank / Dr. Od  (Vankleek Cooley/Revision Radio) The Female Restaurant Critic / Jacquie (Revision Radio) – Jean Sarrazin (Live@6). Photo – Jan Amell Photography, 22 Main St. E., Vankleek Hill.

Podcasts uploaded every Tuesday: “Letter Speak” &  “Revision Radio”

Every Wednesday or Thursday: “The Review Radio Hour” (or less) replaces LIVE @ 6with news & interviews that didn’t make it into the paper… and local music.

ON HIATUS   “Vankleek Cooley”, —  with Sean Cooley. Hip hop. Interviews & Live music.

Thursdays check for a new episode of  “SIGHTLINES” with that Darn Robbo



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