Revision Radio – 2015 Vault

Greg on the show...

Greg on the show…

EP29  “TREELESS VKH” – DEC 15, 2015:

The Skis and Eddy talk to Greg Lydiate the owner of the land where all the trees got chopped down, and why he’s getting all the grief. The boys also do another round of the popular game “Who The Heck Said That?” which the Skis pretty much hates. Eddy and the Skis discover fat squirrels and global warming as told by “scientists”. The Female Restaurant critic visits the “Vankleek Hill Tree Drive Turkey Dinner” and Eddy plays songs about trees all night… lots of trees in this one.

Jacquie in control

EP28  “TOP 1 MILLION THINGS OF THE YEAR 3000″ – DEC 22, 2015

Eddy leaves the show in Jacquie’s hands and she makes a list of “The Top 50 Things We Will Miss About 2015”.  The Skis figures out that his campaign slogan should be “White – Check.  Anglo – Check. Jew – Check” if he runs for president of VKH. We re-visit the dark hand of karma, escaped convicts, Chuck Baseball, Trump, the lion, affairs, robots, monkeys, Charlie Sheen, gay marriage, and missing trees.

The Golden Dodo

The Golden Dodo


The guys interview Joe Iantorno about a break-in at his home, where 7 irreplaceable “Golden Dildos” went missing. The Skis even donates a lifetime supply of his fragrance “S.K.1” to anyone who can give us any info on the missing dildos. The Skis is surprised by the game “Who the Heck Said That?” claiming he has never played it. The Deuce returns with a new restaurant in town. The guys finally replace Sportscaster Chuck Baseball… with his 132 year old father, Chuck Baseball Sr. who has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and has no idea where he even is.

The Skis too Skinny for Dr. Od.

The Skis too Skinny for Dr. Od.


Eddy and the Skis interview Thunderin’ Chad Thunders from the band Busharillo on the brink of their month long VKH/Hawkesbury tour called “The Throbbin’ Snake Tour” only to discover that Chad doesn’t have music at the top of his priority list. The Skis does a late Halloween version of “True or That’s True”. Chuck Baseball’s son “Chip Baseball” brings his unique style of extreme sportscasting to studio and promptly gets fired on air. Dr. Od explains how he got his name… and how to hibernate through winter (basically get super fat and fall asleep). The Female Restaurant critic revisits Dicks.

Gosh in studio

EP25 “GOSH JOTTLIEB” – OCT 27th, 2015:

Eddy returns from a long hiatus to find that the Skis is still in jail. He gets help from Gosh Jottlieb who turns out to be a better co-host than The Skis will ever be in his entire life.  The Female Restaurant Critic visits a new Asian Restaurant where literally everything is made from Asian Lady Beetles. The Skis finally visits at the end of the show and is in no mood to be on the radio with Gosh and Jacquie all while Eddy only plays songs by the dead Amy Winehouse.

The Co-host

EP24  “O’HARA” – AUG 18th, 2015:

Eddy finds a replacement after The Skis gets pulled over on the HOV lane for having 3 pounds of hash browns in his car and cancels 2 minutes before the show. Matt O’Hara steps in and forgets that this show might be a satirical news show. The Deuce returns and gives blood for some sort of blood awareness on Ski-doos at the Grand Barn. Stuart Mclog tells a new story that will warm the deepest parts of your bowels.

Eddy and the Skis arguing during the black out

Eddy and the Skis arguing during the black out

EP23 “THE BLACK OUT” – AUG 11th, 2015:

On a very rainy night Eddy and the Skis are joined by Alex McKinnon who will participate in the Vankleek Hill Fair crash up derby.  This year’s competition is a fight to the death and Alex talks about what it feels like to be heading into an event where he may not come out alive.  The crew is joined by Dr. Od who talks about losing weight fast.  Stuart McLog tells a heartwarming story about thanksgiving and babies pooping. The Skis talks about what to do if your basement floods and then the power goes out in studio and the show…

The Skis and Rod Gilbank take over the show

The Skis and Rod Gilbank take over the show


Eddy gets stuck in line at the bank and about 30 seconds before the show begins he asks Rod Gilbank to host for him, but forgets to tell the Skis that he wont be there.  The surprise for the Skis is pleasant and Gilbank plays all of Eddy’s guilty pleasures. They also stumble upon Eddy’s diary from when he was young and discovering sex and the world around him.  The show slowly starts to fall apart from there as the Skis has a battle with his microphone.

Back in the day with Eddy and the Skis

Back in the day with Eddy and the Skis

EP21 “RADIO VIRGINS” – July 28, 2015:

Eddy takes you back to Jan 28th 2015, when he hosted Vankleek Cooley for the second time ever because Sean Cooley was opening up for Kool and the Gang.  He plays some tunes about food, talks about sports and then is later joined by his future co-host the Skis and a bond is created that will later blossom into Revision Radio. Yes, you read that right, before Revision Radio this was the first time Eddy was on the air with the Skis.

The Skis in a Canadian winter!



Eddy, the Skis, Dr. Od and Jacquie try to conquer the World Record for the longest fart. Dr. Od then lets us know how we can improve the way we look by going under the knife.  We look back to when Todd Gilbert almost beat a world record, Jacquie tries to win 4 bucks, Gosh pays the show a visit all while Eddy plays ONLY CANADIAN TUNES, ALL NIGHT!

The Poutine Guy

The Poutine Guy

EP19 “THE POUTINE GUY” – JULY 14, 2015:

Eddy revisits a show from May 2014, when he was filling in for Sean Cooley on Vankleek Cooley (another show on this website).  He interviews the Poutine Guy for the very first time ever!  With guest appearances from Rod Gilbank and Jean.  Sadly the Skis was not born yet.

The Skis getting grilled about the history of the show.

The Skis getting grilled!


While the Deuce is on the St. Lawrence River selling sandwiches from his boat and doing nothing illegal, Eddy puts the Skis through a rigorous 100 question quiz about the history of the show.  The Madame shows up to help the Skis. We also get a visit from Jacquie Severs for more help, but the Skis still struggles trying to get enough slack on his mic cord. A prize to whoever can tell me how many questions the Skis got right (email [email protected]) I have no idea!

Dick from Dick's Nacho Hut

Dick from Dick’s Nacho Hut


After a week of visiting local business Eddy and the Skis review their top 20 favorite Vankleek Hill businesses and you wont believe which one is #1.  They get gritty and they don’t hold anything back. Eddy has also agreed to do a zumba class with the Zulu Tribe if people come into the studio during the show and donate 100 dollars in total in between the dates of June 30th to Aug 18th.

Dr. Od at the Grand Opening of his Food Emporium

Dr. Od at the Grand Opening of his Food Emporium


Eddy and the Skis interview their old friend Jephtah Jonowitz the winner of the 42.5 Million dollar lotto max prize.  Dr. Od opens up his new Food Emporium and the Female Restaurant Critic goes there for a little visit.  Stuart McLog returns with another Porcelain Cafe story that will warm you right down to your cockles, and Howard Johnson Kitchener-Waterloo shames the people of Vankleek Hill again (WHAT A JERK!)

The Skis and Stuart McLog in studio

The Skis and Stuart McLog in studio


Dan Lavender witnesses the signing of a peace accord between Alexandria and Vankleek Hill turn into a full out war. The Deuce calls in from jail and a riot starts.  The Female Restaurant Critic tries to visit the famed “Dad and Wiener” only to discover that it’s burned down.  Eddy gets tested by the Skis about the city of Toronto and Stuart McLog visits Revision Radio for a new segment called “The Porcelain Cafe”.  Oh… and Chuck Baseball dies.

Eddy and the Skis discussing zip lock bags

Eddy and the Skis discussing zip lock bags


The Skis and Eddy interview Bob Bartlet, a hockey coach from Alexandria who declares war on Vankleek Hill after a hockey game turns into a riot. The Deuce decides he wants to mow lawns for allergy awareness and he ends up in jail.  Chuck Baseball gears up for his sports memorabilia garage sale and liquidation.  Dr. Od explains why having sex in an elevator, underwater with someone for the first time is your safest bet and the Female Restaurant Critic reviews a new vegan restaurant.

Eddy ending a crazy night

Eddy ending a crazy night

EP13 “BONERS, BONERS, BONERS! ″– MAY 27, 2015:

The Skis returns from Austin TX and Eddy sends him out to St. Eugene to find out about a dead monkey that was discovered in a field. Dan Lavender has an on air melt-down because someone took his hub caps.  The Female Restaurant critic reviews “Pizza Eddies” the new pizza place in town.  The Deuce ditches the show to hit up a pool party.  UFO’s are seen in VKH as Eddy plays strictly TV show theme songs all night.

Alex, Jacquie and Josh stop in to say hi!

Alex, Jacquie and Josh stop in to say hi!


Darryl Goodman stops in to talk about buying the property where Mike Dean’s was, and what he plans to do with it. Alex McKinnon steps in as co-host. Dr. Od talks to us about the benefits and misconceptions of street drugs.  The Deuce takes the VKH homeless problem into his own hands. Chuck Baseball tells a stories that may or may not be about sports.  Howard Johnson Kitchener Waterloo has some juicy gossip about Eddy Earwigg. Jacquie and Josh end the night off with by visiting the show.

Jacquie with The Madame

Jacquie with The Madame


Eddy is joined by “The Madame” because The Skis is sick with the gout. The mayoral election is skewed by an unfortunate accident. The Female Restaurant Critic visits a new Chinese Restaurant: VKH Changs. A visit from Dr. Od leaves everyone feeling like they have Ebola and we are visited by a new gossip reporter named Howard Johnson Kitchener Waterloo. The night finishes off with the Madame rummaging through a trash bag (seriously).

Eddy watching the Skis do shots of Vodka all night

Eddy watching the Skis do shots of Vodka all night


Eddy and The Skis host a live debate between 2 magicians, and a killer ostrich to see who is fit to run this town. The Female Restaurant critic reviews the Deuce’s super new soup restaurant, while the Deuce travels to the casino in Grenville accepting donations to help homeless cats in Hawkesbury.  Chuck Baseball returns with a Styrofoam lung and we get a visit from Dr. Od. with some health tips. Beach Boys tunes all show!

The Poutine Guy visits!

The Poutine Guy visits!


The Poutine Guys graces Revision Studios with his presence and blind taste tests 3 local poutines on air and judges them with a Pepsi.  Poutine Guy himself tells some poutine stories, reminisces about poutine and wrestling. A killer Ostrich visits Eddy and the Skis and threatens death. Chuck Baseball takes the night off, but still manages to report the sports, and finally we get a nice visit from The Female Restaurant Critic after she visits “Gilbanko’s” a new Italian restaurant in town, and we finish off with some motorcycle safety tips.

Dan Lavender getting ready to take the mic.

Dan Lavender

EP08 “CLOSING TIME” – APR.14, 2015:

Eddy interviews Fabulous Fernando the Fabulous who is running for mayor, against Manzini.  The Deuce tries to control all the song requests, as Earwigg welcomes back Dan Lavender to studio.  The Female Restaurant Critic visits a new 90’s themed diner.  Chuck Baseball is a little high on pain killers but still makes it into studios to chat about “sports”.  The Skis offends Sexual Sandy by suggesting she may be a man, he later finds out first hand that she is indeed a woman.

The Skis with Louise Marx

The Skis with Louise Marx


The journey for a the new Mayor of VKH  begins, as Magic Manzini the Mysterious announces he is running for mayor. The Deuce has a new helicopter he wants to try out.  The Skis brags about his wine knowledge and trip to Niagara on the Lake, while the Female Restaurant Critic visits a new Caribbean place. Louise stops in to talk about her April fools gag that turned out to be a “catastrophe” and Cooley finishes off the show with his expertise on “urban music”.

Adam the Delivery, with the Skis and Eddy

Adam the Delivery Man, with the Skis and Eddy drinking beer

EP06 “THE DEUCE IS WILD” – MAR. 26, 2015:

Newcomer The Deuce takes control of the control booth, as Eddy welcomes The Skis back from England and Florida with no solid answer on which is bigger. Eddy interviews Landers Gervais the man who got struck by lightning and then broke into a meat packing plant. Chuck Baseball gets involved in an unfortunate accident, possibly predicting a 47.6 magnitude earthquake. Finally a deliver man named Adam shows up with a bunch of beer for The Deuce, but Eddy, the Skis and Adam just end up drinking it all.

Jacquie and Jenna Co-Host Ladies Night

Jacquie & Jenna on Ladies Night

EP05 “LADIES NIGHT” – MAR. 17, 2015:

It’s ladies night on a very special Revision Radio!
Once Eddy finishes interviewing Randy The Macho Man Savage who has come back from the dead, Jacquie Severs co-hosts with her friend Jenna Bamforth. The show is filled with female related trivia, songs fronted by female vocalists and the Female Restaurant Critic visits a sushi restaurant!  Sexual Sandy answers your sex questions on a brand new sex advice segment and Chuck Baseball might return, but I hope not!

The Skis and Phil Beauchesne

The Skis and
Phil Beauchesne


Special Guest Magician Fabulous Fernando the Fabulous explains why he made the Higginson Tower disappear. Chuck Baseball ruins sports and possibly his future with the show. The Female Restaurant Critic reviews Dick’s Nacho Hut and the nacho cook bursts into the studio to complain. Phil Beauchesne and Aaron Elder try and win 4 bucks, and Jacquie Severs replaces the Skis for current events, because the Skis decides that it makes no sense that Florida is bigger than England so he books a flight to find out first hand.

The Skis Helps Jordan win 4 bucks!

EPO3  “ZICO’S BIRTHDAY” – MAR. 03, 2015:

Hawkesbury says they treat english speakers with respect, on our top story. The Skis is back with a first-hand account of a tunnel he helped dig near York University with Rob Ford… Jordan Bamforth gets the 4 dollar treatment: probing interview; skill-testing game gauntlet; & all the stress of cash prizes at stake. And the debut of Chuck Baseball who stuns hosts and listeners alike with his sport acumen.

Revision Co-host Rod Gilbank

Revision Co-host Rod Gilbank


Eddy Earwigg and co-host Rod Gilbank take a call from Fassifern Zoo Keep, Dibiasio Grande about Tootsie, his renegade ostrich that was last seen heading north towards Vankleek Hill. While Gilbank is well known to Revision Radio listeners, Earwigg still subjects him to a grilling interview.


The Pilots!

EP01 “THE PILOT” – FEB. 17, 2015:

Eddy Earwigg and co-host The Skis launch the maiden voyage of Revision Radio! Eddy has known The Skis for years but interviews him for the benefit of the listeners. They play “Who wants to Win 4 Bucks?” Eddy plays some great tunes and The Skis decides to skip next week to focus on something in Toronto.