About Us

VankleekFM is both a privately owned ultra low-power FM transmitter located in the village of Vankleek Hill, Ontario as well as an online streaming radio service at vankleekfm.com.

Owner Jean Sarrazin maintains a license with Industry Canada to use the on-air frequency, 88.7 as an unprotected, local public information service.

As a low power station the service is exempt from most CRTC content requirements.

jeanSarrazin, who retired from CBC Radio in 2001 after almost 27 years with the corporation, decided to keep his finger “in the radio pie” by purchasing a very low-powered FM transmitter from a Sherbrooke, Quebec company called Decade Transmitters and airing information about events going on in and around his community.

“Vankleek Hill has a reputation for being at the centre of many artistic and cultural events from a Bluegrass festival to an International Food Festival to a Victorian Promenade,” says Sarrazin. “I wanted people driving through our village to get an appreciation for just how much is going on here – it’s really very impressive!”

Currently VankleekFM carries coming events as they are published in the local weekly newspaper, “The Review”. Eventually the plan is to expand the service to be able to broadcast “live” from events happening in and around Vankleek Hill.
If you have any comments or suggestions, or to get your community events mentioned on the air, feel free to communicate with us:  Send it in by e-mail at
contact (at) vankleekfm.com