Revision Radio – 2016 Vault



EP40 “CONSPIRA-SKIS” – MAY 3, 2016:

The Skis unleashes a new segment called “Conspira-Skis” where he ventures into the unknown, the creepy, the unexplained secrets of some popular conspiracies, like “Where does all the junk mail you leave on the window sill at the post office go?”.  The studio is visited by “The Dalai Lama of the VKH” a new personality that is not very popular, but may return.  The Skis reads a blunt weather report straight from scientists at a press conference, and Jacquie visits with some sexy current events.

Another VW Bug

Another VW Bug

EP39 “THE SECOND SNOW DAY” – APR 19, 2016:

Ever hear a cover song that’s better than the original? Eddy, Jacquie and Gosh explore cover tunes in this episode. They each pick some covers they like, we play ’em and you decide if they are better than the originals.


2 Roosters Fighting

2 Roosters Fighting


Eddy and the Skis once again interview Dynamite Darryl, who discovered an illegal cock fighting ring. The guys read some harsh complaints/hate mail from some unhappy listeners/Zumba lovers. Then they talk about some celebrity birthdays for what seems like a really long time. Chuck Baseball visits the studio to talk about sports…maybe. Dr Od appears out of nowhere for a quick chat, and Jacquie helps the Skis with a special music edition of  “Who the Heck Said That?”

Eddy enters the war zone!

Eddy enters the war zone!

EP37  “THE ZUMBA WARS” – APR 5, 2016:

Eddy steps into the ZUMBA WAR ZONE. He interviews the newest Zumba instructor in town, Dynamite Darryl, who has opened “Dildo Zumba” a fun way to stay fit and use dildos. Many others open Zumba studios as well, like…Dr Od’s “Zum-bacon” Studio, Cal Duffy Jr. (Zumba simulation studio) Gosh Jottlieb’s Punk Rock Zumba, Dually with Dually’s Drink…I mean Zumba Studio, and local MAN Harrison Ball’s Man Cave Zumba.  Stuart McClog also visits with a heartwarming story about Zumba and pooping at Zumba.


Rob F

EP36  “ENOUGH TO EAT AT HOME” – MAR, 22, 2016:

The Skis returns to talk to Eddy about the late Rob Ford. They explore the life and zany-sexist-homophobic-racist-sweaty-alcholic-drug addicted times of the ex Toronto mayor and crack user. Zoo-keeper Dibiasio Grande calls in to talk about “Chi Chi” the escaped lion from the Fassifern Zoo. Someone wins 4 bucks… or do they? And Eddy plays only “Leftöver Crack” tunes all night

Eddy singing at one of his last show, Gosh in the crowd

Eddy singing at one of his last shows, Gosh in the crowd

EP35  “THE HEATSKORES DIED” – MAR, 15, 2016:

Eddy explores his punk rock past with an in-depth look at the Toronto based Ska/Punk band he fronted from 1998-2008 “The Heatskores” (who rose from the dead to play a surprise show for Steve Beauchesne’s birthday on March 5th 2016) He talks to Jacquie and Gosh about the band, the stories behind the songs, and why they broke up.


Goshy in Stoody

EP34  “VKH MAGIC COOKIES” – Feb 23, 2016:

The Skis takes a week off to straighten his pubes and get a face lift, so Eddy brings Gosh Jottlieb in as co-host. He then explodes his beverage in studio and ruins the equipment. The boys talk to the owner of the marijuana grow op discovered in town earlier this month. Howard Johnson Kitchener-Waterloo visits and trashes the Skis. Dan Lavender – who was missing for months – drops by for a chat. The show gets a little weedy.

Gilbank with bug

Upsidedown Gilbank with a VW bug

EP33  “THE FIRST SNOW DAY” – FEB 17, 2016:

The Skis, Eddy and Jacquie try something a little different, the trio pick their top 3 favorite songs of ALL TIME, and explain why they love the tunes they picked. The Skis models his fancy glasses and tries some beers and the gang plays a new game called “Who the Heck IS That?”

Gosh and Jacquie in studio

Gosh and Jacquie in studio


Gosh (not the Skis) and Eddy have Louise Sproule in studio to talk about the Review shutting down and being replaced by a twitter account managed by a monkey with a smart phone. The Female Restaurant critic visits “Lydiate’s BBQ” the restaurant that only uses wildlife from VKH forests. Stuart McClog poops out another heart warming story. Jacquie joins Gosh with a St Patrick’s day “True or That’s Not True” and a new movie game!

Could I get 100%?

EP31  “100% TRUE” – JAN 26, 2016:

Eddy and the “Vankleek Hill Egger” have a clear conversation (thats not read off paper) about why the egger egg things.  Eddy makes the Skis a deal that if he does not get more than a 50% score on “True or That’s Not True” the game will be retired. The Female Restaurant Critic visits the studio to talk about restaurant inspections and she visits the Deuce’s Super Duper Soups to shut him down. Then the whole team discusses the world being flat.

Eddy plays Slackers' tunes all night

Eddy plays Slackers’ tunes all night


Dynamite Darryl, the new president of the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant’s Ass. comes in the studio to talk to The Skis and Eddy about some of the changes he will make as new prez. Yale alumni, Dr. Od visits the show to help the Skis try and win/lose a Trump themed “True or That’s Not True”. Chuck Baseball Sr, now in his hundreds, with a possible case of bronchitis, does a very politically driven sportscast. Jacquie finishes up the show with Current Events.