Will Laurin of Rude Mood 06_29_2016

Classic Blues-Rock band Rude Mood is bringing the blues to the L’Orignal Old Jail, July 8 and drummer Will Laurin gives us all the details in conversation with Cristina Sanza. Will also tells us about a special Rock Camp he is planning this summer for the area for 14 to 17-year-olds.


By Cristina Sanza

L’ORIGNAL – Lachute-based blues-rock band Rude Mood will be bringing groovy covers and originals to the L’Orignal Old Jail on July 8. Their three-hour show will begin at 8 p.m.

This is Rude Mood’s third time performing at the old jail. The band consists of vocalist and rhythmic guitarist Léandre Desrosiers Ménard, lead guitarist Jessy Laughren, bassist Marie-Pier Titley and Wiliam Laurin on drums.

The name Rude Mood mainly comes from the song by Stevie Ray Vaughn, who is also one of the artists the band likes to cover. They also enjoy performing songs by Jimi Hendrix. They add a heavier rock edge to each song rendition.

While the band’s main focus is covers of classic blues-rock songs, they did release two originals in February of last year. After winning a contest last summer called Nuits Blues, the band was offered 16 hours of studio time, Laurin explained. Laughren and Titley were the main songwriters.

There is a main lyrical theme in both originals: accepting who you are. The songs were featured on their debut six-song album called Who I Am.

We all feel the same way, that it’s totally for fun,” Laurin said of the band. “Fortunately we’ve got a lot of people that dig us. We’re not really trying too hard, and it feels refreshing because we’re just playing what we love.”

They’ve played at several festivals in Montreal, and have performed at the well-known blues and rock club Bistro à Jojo in Montreal around six times. Laurin said that it is one of the band’s biggest accomplishments.

Everywhere we play is memorable, the crowds have always been great,” Laurin said.

Laurin didn’t want to give away what the show experience will be like at the jail, as he wants the performance to unfold naturally. “Every show that we’ve played, to see the reaction of the people, they just go insane, and they want more. So we like to leave them with suspense,” he said.

During the event, the band will also be selling merchandise and copies of their album. Their bassist is also selling earrings made out of guitar picks with the band’s name written on them.

Tickets for the show are available for $10, and are currently being sold at The Review.