Lisa Scherer – 04-20-2016

Event to celebrate Manfred Schroeder’s Art


(from The Review)

Photographs and paintings of a lifetime: Manfred Schroeder’s works at show and sale April 23 and 24

VANKLEEK HILL – A sale and show of the life’s work of Manfred Schroeder will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 23 and 24 at the Granary Beizli, at 3270 Regional Rd 10, east of Vankleek Hill. On both days, the show and sale runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Schroeder’s name might be familiar to Review readers as over the years, he submitted many beautiful photographs of farms, animals, flowers and nature. He would wait hours for the light to be in just the right place, and took special delight in capturing animals up close. All creatures interested Schroeder, from the tiniest spider to the mighty buffalo.
But more than capturing images with his camera, Schroeder also painted pictures.
The 81-year-old is not taking many photographs these days, but he will be present at the two-day show, has always been fond of taking photos at sunrise and at sunset, saying that the light and the shadows transformed the landscape at those times of day.
The show is being organized by Lisa Scherer, owner of The Granary Beizli. She says that she wanted to find a way to share his abundance of work with his friends and the community and give them a chance to take some pieces home with them.
“This isn’t about the money or the sale; this is something I wanted to do … to share his work, his paintings and his hundreds of beautiful photographs,” said Scherer.
“There are so many photographs and all are unframed, but people can do their own framing. This is about giving people the opportunity to have some of his work,” Scherer said.
She met Manfred and his wife, Elisabeth Schroeder, due to mail mix-ups happening about 23 years ago, when Lisa and her family had just moved to Canada. The similarity between their last names caused confusion at the post office, she related.
Schroeder and his wife have lived on a farm in the Alfred area for many years. A pond and small cabin on their property provided a great setting for many of Schroeder’s photographs of birds, frogs and other water wildlife.
In recent years, the farm was taken over by their son and now Manfred and his wife live nearby.
Light refreshments will be served, says Lisa Scherer. You can contact her at 613-678-0848 if you would like more information.